Abe Borker

Educator, Ecologist, Nature Detective, Program Director @ UCSC Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

Hello! Things on this website fall into three categories

Teaching - Training the next generation of scientists and conservation leaders, and researching inquiry based pedagogy

Research - I enjoy answering useful questions that can help us protecting biodiversity. I'm really keen on soundscapes and biodiviersity monitoring improvements to drive more positive conservation outcomes.

Multimedia - I like to take pictures, and tell stories with multimedia. One day I'll organize it on to this website! In the meantime here's a gallery of some of my wildlife photography , and pictures of Antarctic birds, mammals and landscapes. Oh and plankton, because they are amazing.


Oct 15, 2022 We got the grant! So excited to help launch the San Francisco Bay Research Coordination Network for Student Opportunities in Avian Research to Enhance STEM Education next year with NSF’s support, and collaborators from so many great bay area colleges, universities and organizations.
May 3, 2022 The latest DDCSP Newsletter is out, announcing the seventh cohort of Conservation Scholars! Check out past newsletters and subscribe here.
Oct 10, 2021 UC Santa Cruz Magazine highlighted DDCSP and other UCSC field programs, we got the cover! The outdoors opens doors — to success
Sep 22, 2021 Excited to be a collaborator on SOAR, a SF bay area research coordination network for Student Opportunities in Avian Research - love the acronym!
Aug 9, 2021 What a pleasure to work with UCSC EEB department colleagues on Cronin et al. Anti-racist interventions to transform ecology, evolution and conservation biology departments. out now in Nature Ecology & Evolution