I am interested in conservation as an applied pursuit to build resiliency in species, ecosystems and human communities. Much of my research has focused on using bioacoustics and soundscape ecology to learn about ecosystem states and wildlife populations. Most of it focuses on seabirds, a highly threatened and ecologically important group of birds that “make their living” on the ocean. I also go gaga over their amazing life histories, physiological feats, and conservation, and this even occasionally extends to some other large marine predators.

My interest in monitoring stems from a desire to empower conservation practitioners to accurately measure outcomes, and find the best solutions. Evidence-based conservation can only progress if we have the scalable and powerful tools to gather evidence on conservation outcomes. It’s this direction, our diverse portfolio of powerful conservation actions, and passionate conservationists worldwide that gives me hope in the face of global environmental crisis. – November 5th, 2017



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